About Fun Creations

Fun Creations is a family  business owned and operated by  Lisa-Mari Kruger. It was started in 1988 by her Parents Piet and Lettie Nortje.

This is a “party specialist” retail business providing product and service related to parties and other fun events.

The business consists of a shop; often refer to as “the greatest little party store” in the country. We sell a very big variety of party products and also a wide selection of birthday and other occasions cakes that is baked according to a “family secret recipe”. We also have a bunch of very good clowns available for almost any function. Free advice on party planning and decorating is available for in store customers.

We here at Fun Creations are a family owned and operated business.  This means that we, the owners, will be welcoming and serving you in store.  This also means that the owners are the clowns that provide children’s entertainment.  For this reason we have shorter business hours on a Saturday.  We have the shop open for a short period of time on a Saturday morning and then we head of to parties for the entertainment there.