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    FUN CREATIONS has a team of professional clowns with many years of experience and formal training and knowledge to entertain young and old at all kinds of functions.

    There are a few guidelines however: each clown has a specific character and target group. This is mainly because the character and actions of each clown is related to the ages of their respective audience. These are especially for “closer up” work such as kiddies’ birthday parties. Corporate events might have a different approach.

    Please make sure your booking is done accordingly to ensure a wonderful experience for all the people attending your event.

    Take your time and read through the following descriptions of our clowns to determine which clown would be your better option. If still unsure, please contact us and discuss your requirement with us.


    BUBBELS, RUFFELS, CRAFTY, SPANNER and Troubles the tramp  are the intellectual property of their respective creators and/or FUN CREATIONS cc. The use of photo’s, videos or other digital media without written permission, and not for own personal enjoyment is prohibited and could be prosecuted by law.

    Booking Details

    We will ask you the following 5 questions when you make an inquiry for the services of one of our clowns.

    1) Will the performance be for a birthday party or other event such as school, corporate or other?
    This determines what type of show or performance it would be.

    2) What would the average age group of the children be?
    This determines which one of our clowns would be more suitable for that age group. We don’t just book a clown when somebody wants a clown; we book the right clown for the right age group.

    3) When will your party be?
    This determines if the suitable clown is available.

    4) How many children do you expect at your party?
    This determines the price.

    5) Where will your party be?
    This determines the travel expenses.
    It is also important to remember that a birthday party at your home is the best option. Our clowns DO NOT work at most restaurants and party venues. Please contact us in this regard if you are planning your child’s party at such a place. Additional “public appearance” fees will then be applicable.

    All our clowns are non-smoking children’s entertainers and DO NOT perform in any smoke area, even at your home, we ask and expect that nobody smoke during the duration of the clown’s visit.

    Full payment must be made within 24 hours of booking a clown. Our clowns DO NOT accept any money at any performance. It is very simple, if you have not paid for the clown, you have NOT booked the clown.

    Any one of our clowns has an arrival time and a departure time. They cannot, and will not wait for people that are late for your party as this will have a negative effect on the rest of their program for that day. Please ensure that you know what the time is that you book a clown and ensure that all other activities are plan in such a way that different activities doesn’t clash with the clown’s performance time. The time that they have been booked for will be the time that they will perform. If they have to wait for anything else to “first happen, or finish happening”, that waiting time will come of the total duration of their visit to your party.


    The following hints could help you to book a clown for your child’s birthday party.Remember that these hints are not only applicable for booking one of our clowns; it might be helpful and useful whenever booking ANY clown anywhere.

    Always feel free to ask the clown questions about their experience. This is especially important for the age group you have in mind. Some clowns are better
    for children 4 years and younger while others are better with kid’s older than 4. A good clown will be able to put your concerns at ease by providing acceptable answers to your questions.

    Do not “just book a clown” because you want a clown at your child’s party. It is VERY important to book the right clown for the right age group. If the right clown for the age group at your party is not available, and you do not want to change your party date, it just might be a better option to rather wait another year to book the right clown.

    Usually good clowns are as busy as they want to be. It is advisable to book the services of a professional clown well in advance. It seldom happens that a good clown might be available at short notice.

    When you book one of the clowns at FUN CREATIONS, adult supervision is mandatory through out the duration of the clown’s visit to you. Our clowns won’t work without adult supervision. Be very careful when you book a clown that doesn’t want adult supervision.

    When you are planning to have a clown at your party you might want to consider the area where the clown is to perform. Shade is very important for both the performer and the audience. Plan your party in an area where there is shade.

    With our clown it works better when the kid’s are seated in a way as if they are going to watch a show. Seated around tables simply don’t work.

    Hold back all sweets, cakes, drinks and noise makers until after the performance. This distraction proves to break their concentration and spoil the show.

    If you book a face painter or face painting clown ask questions about the quality of the paint that they will be using on your children’s faces. Our clown that does face painting only uses the highest quality professional paint.

    It is not a good idea to book a clown for face painting with a pool party or slip and slide. The face paint will simply wash off.

    We are very serious about our art form of clowning around. Sometimes we hear “horror” stories about clowns out there. PLEASE, if ever you have such an experience with a clown that you feel is not up to standard, let us know and provide details. We simply won’t tolerate drunken clowns at kid’s parties, clowns that swear, clowns that take your money and don’t show up and so on. They reflect badly on all other good clowns.